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Welcome to Ford Radiator, serviced by Midwest Radiator. Midwest Radiator is located in Omaha, Nebraska and can be contacted via phone at 800-380-4119 or Located in the Midwest, we are able to offer competitive pricing on Ford Radiator repairs, sales, and service. Midwest Radiator is known for its quick turnaround times and outstanding customer service.

Repairs for Ford Radiators

Focused on quick turnaround times to minimize your down time, Midwest Radiator provides quality repairs for Ford radiators. We can repair damaged tube, fin, or tube and shell heat exchangers used in industrial, large truck, agricultural, construction, forklift, military, and crane equipment. Midwest Radiator has solved some of the most difficult heat exchanger problems and are experienced repairing radiator cores, radiator tubes, condensers, charge air coolers, intercoolers, oil coolers, and tanks. We have a successful history of repairing plastic tank, copper brass radiators, aluminum core radiators, and more. We also are able to patch and clean fuel tanks and diesel fuel tanks for all vehicles. Midwest Radiator is skilled at repairing inlet-outlet fitting leaks, fin bond failures, cracked tanks, tank/header steam leaks, and fan damage on Ford radiators.

Sales - Ford Radiators

Midwest Radiator sells Ford radiators and offers our customers excellent pricing driven by our inventory purchasing program. We have a large inventory of Ford radiators and are able to get the radiators to our customers quickly to minimize downtime. Contact us to find out more information about our inventory of Ford radiators. Also see the Products page for typical models of Ford radiators and the other radiator brands Midwest Radiator sells, services, and repairs.

Service for Ford Radiators

We service Ford radiators and are able to provide routine maintenance to help prevent costly repairs. Midwest Radiator is a member of the NARSA (National Automotive Radiator Service Association). Routine maintenance for your Ford radiator can help prevent steam erosion, solder bloom, and damage caused by loose components.
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